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Welcome to the Inland Sand™ Beach Tournament Tour! We are dedicated to spreading the joy of beach soccer to communities across the nation. Our mission is simple yet impactful: to introduce the exhilarating world of sand soccer tournaments to areas that have yet to experience this dynamic sport firsthand.


At Inland Sand™, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to feel the excitement of beach soccer, regardless of their proximity to the coast. That's why our tour is designed to bring the beach to you, with 13 scheduled tournament dates traversing the heartland of America in 2024.


Join us as we embark on this one-of-a-kind journey, where traditional coastal beaches are replaced by inland venues bursting with energy and enthusiasm. Whether you're a seasoned beach soccer player or a curious newcomer, our tournaments offer an unforgettable experience for players and spectators alike.


With our tagline, "We Bring the Beach to You!", we invite you to join us in celebrating the spirit of beach soccer and creating lasting memories together. Let's kick off an exciting new chapter in the world of sports, one sandy goal at a time.

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The organizers, with a track record dating back to 1989, have successfully produced events like OCBeachSoccer and other grassroots participatory soccer events. Past endeavors include McDonald's McSoccerfestTM, Toyota’s Just4KicksTM, Chick-fil-A Soccer TournamentTM, JETIXTM Kids Cup, Volkswagen Junior MastersTM, Cartoon Network SoccerFest, MLS Futbolito, and Beach Festival.

Now, introducing the Inland SandTM Beach Tournament Tour, they aim to bring the excitement of Beach Soccer to areas across the country that haven't had the opportunity to experience this growing sport. The tour's tagline is fittingly, "We Bring the Beach to You!"

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The Inland SandTM Beach Tournament Tour is set to take place at diverse venues, including large sand volleyball complexes, beach-themed restaurants and bars with outdoor sand volleyball courts, and towns featuring extensive sand volleyball areas within local and regional park systems.

Fun fact: The United States National Beach Soccer Team holds the title of the current CONCACAF Beach Soccer Champions and has secured qualification for the 2025 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup in the United Arab Emirates.

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Meet Our Team

Our committed team of experts is dedicated to propelling the sport of Inland Sand Soccer nationally.

To learn more about meeting the team and potential partnerships for the future, click below and introduce yourself!


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